Born September 2, 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana, I came into this world destined to design! Raised around the positive influences of my father and grandfather I was taught to live my life according to God’s word, to work hard, be independent, and pursue entrepreneurship. As an adolescent, I watched my father and grandfather build a house with their bare hands. My father raised 5 children and 3 grandchildren and is now an Engineer and the owner of several rental properties in LA. There was no room for excuses or failure in our home. He (my father) taught myself and my sibling’s morals and values that I carry with me today. I wanted to mimic him. I wanted to make him proud.

Growing up on the streets of New Orleans helped me mature quicker, and although violence, corruption, crime, and crooked politicians warped my city’s reputation, the hustle is what somewhat helped shaped my drive for success. Everyone in New Orleans has a hustle of some sort. Everyone is looking for a way to make money and be successful. Every inch of the French Quarter, where tourists gather for Mardi Gras, is swarming with individuals showcasing their talent.

Taking art classes in High School helped me to recognize my talent and passion for drawing, as people would often ask me to draw pictures for them. I then went to Nicholls State University where I studied Computer Science and Computer Technology in 2005. Then when tragedy struck my city in the form of “Hurricane Katrina” I was forced out of New Orleans to later reside in Atlanta, GA. This blessing in disguise brought me in to a better environment of diversity, opportunity, and demand for the arts. I developed a curiosity for photography as well and started taking pictures of everything and everyone. Capturing God’s artwork on film was fascinating to me and I wanted to do everything I could to enhance the beauty of it all. I went on to continue my education at Westwood College where I studied Art & Graphic Design in 2007. In the midst of my studies I knew then that this would be the profession for me.

Graphic design is my passion! It’s something I LOVE to do. Its something I’d do for FREE! It is where I
express my creativity. There’s so much fulfillment in bringing my customers visions to life. Since most of my customers are entrepreneurs themselves, it gives me great joy to be able to assist them with marketing themselves through advertisement designed by myself.

“Let us transform your thoughts into a work of ART”

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